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Obama is retiring. Having served faithfully as the first Black Commander-in-Chief, it’s time for him to vacate the White House. Just as the inauguration of 2009 allowed us to see what we had never seen before, the inauguration of 2017 will allow the same. For the first time in American history we will witness a Black president pass the torch to a white president. Who will it be? It’s the final weekend of the 2016 campaign and no one is certain. What we are certain of is that, once again, the results depend on the Black vote. So much is riding on whether or not Blacks will turn out to vote at 2008 levels. If Blacks do not turn out to vote for the First white Woman president in 2016 to the same extent that we turned out to vote for the First Black president in 2008, then there may not be a First white Woman president in 2017. Once again, the burden of the country falls on the back of the Black vote.

Ironically, Republicans have long realized how pivotal the Black vote is. Long before many Blacks knew and long before many liberal whites knew, the Republican party knew what was at stake with the Black vote. While Blacks were gleefully gloating over our First Black president, the Republican party was strategizing the demise of the Black vote. While Republicans were strategizing the demise of the Black vote, Black voices were being dismissed for screaming #BLACKLIVESMATTER. So with new legislation to suppress the Black vote and no new legislation to uplift the Black voice, the burden of the country falls on the backs of Black people. Whatsoever shall we do? While I am certainly WITH HER, I am a lil frustrated that the Black vote is being pressured at the last minute. Why should the voiceless poor in Black America lay aside the cares of our Black world to arrive at a poll that may not let us in. Why should the voiceless poor in Black America show up to cast a protest vote against Trump when #BLACKLIVESMATTER protesters go unheard. Suddenly, on the weekend finale of the 2016 campaign #BLACKVOTERSMATTER.

Ironically, it was not the Black vote that moved the Obamas into the White House. It was the white vote, particularly the young white vote that #FelttheBern hot enough to elect Obama. That 54% of young whites #FelttheBern for Obama and turned out to vote for the First Black president is more epic than the fact that 96% of Black voters turned out to vote for him. Those 54% of young whites who #FelttheBern may not turn out to vote for the First white Woman president, thus placing the burden of a Hillary victory on the Black vote. Yes, voiceless Blacks are under tremendous pressure to lay aside the cares of our Black world to arrive at a poll that historically suppresses the Black experience. So, while young whites who #FelttheBern exercise their right to stay home because they just don’t trust HER, Blacks will shuffle along to the polls to prevent a Trump presidency from illegitimizing the legacy of the First Black president…and prevent further damage to the Black experience in modern America.

locker-room-talkI’ve been in plenty of locker rooms in my life…beginning at age 12. I remember the horror of having to change clothes in front of my male peers in 7th grade. I remember being scared to talk to other boys while only in my skivvies, let alone threatening sexual assault against a girl. As brutal as we were toward one another on the playground, the locker room was quiet time. We were in and out. I remember being on the track team in the 11th grade, less shy about my body but still very careful about how I moved and what I said. We bragged about the speed of our sprint, or the upcoming calculus test, or whose homework to copy, or the hole in someone’s left sock, or the upcoming house party, but certainly not about grabbing females by their genitals. As an adult, the locker room at my neighborhood gym is a bit more complex. The talk ranges from protein drinks, to the latest football score, to speechless extended glances…but never do I hear men boasting about accosting another man’s wife. If anything, they are concealing that they even have wives…or desire them. Most men make it a point not to linger to talk about anything to anyone. So when I heard the GOP nominee credit his sexualized verbal assault against a woman as “locker room talk,” I was somewhat confused. In what locker room do boys say such things? At what school? In what health club gym are men openly and publicly discussing forcing women into having sex with them? Don’t get me wrong, man talk can be brutal. We say awful things when our mothers and sisters are absent. But let’s not label this “locker room talk.” Instead, let’s just call it what it is…APPALLING! Whether in the locker room,  on the golf course, at the construction site, in the board room, from the pulpit, in the chat room, or on the campaign trail, this kind of speech is deplorable. Yes, 100% DEPLORABLE. And it’s time for all men everywhere to SPEAK UP! Unlike Billy Bush, who was complicit in Donald Trump’s heinous banter, all men of ethical, moral, and spiritual esteem must denounce Trump’s alleged  “locker room talk.” All men everywhere must denounce Trump’s “locker room talk” as hate speech! All men everywhere must declare that Trump’s “locker room talk” is verbal assault against all women everywhere! All men everywhere must decry that Trump’s locker room language is reckless in that it uses the innocence of the boys locker room as a cloak for a grown ass man to dismiss his own deep-seated, self-loathing and utter disdain against, not just women, but all people everywhere, thus disqualifying him from public office.


Like really??? Who gives a damn? I could care less about what Trump and his deplorable minions believe about where Ann Dunham’s (aka…Obama’s mama) water broke. Yes, I meant to say “could.” I could care less…but I am choosing to care more because it matters. It matters whether or not we believe Barack Obama is American. It matters whether or not the first African-American president is American. It matters because if you question the legitimacy of the first black president, then you are ignorant of the implications of being black in America…and of being white in America. If you are ignorant of the implications of being black in America…and of being white in America, then you are ignorant about America. This rush to interrogate whitelessness is racism. This rush to distrust and challenge blackness and brownness is racism. Inciting a movement that undermines the citizenship of the first sitting black president is racist. It is the kind of racism that begins with needing to touch my black hair and ascends to needing to see the first black president’s birth certificate. It is the kind of racism that objects to #blacklivesmatter with #alllivesmatter. It is the kind of racism that is fearful of taco trucks on every corner, but ok with Starbucks on every corner. It is the same kind of racism that responds to blue on black crime (yes, I called it crime) with black on black crime. So yes, I give a damn, not about whether or not Obama came out of Ann in Hawaii. I give a damn about the notion that a deplorable demagog rose to power by inciting a racist critique of the first black president. I give a damn, that after 8 years he expected a naive recantation to silence the issue. I give a damn, because it reveals that such naïveté was only meant to incite racism rather than expose the impossible assumption that a white lady from Kansas delivered a black baby in Africa and smuggled him into America so that 50 years later he could surreptitiously become the first black president of the United States of America. That, my friends, is deplorable!


Manspreading since 1979

Yes, I do it. I’ve been doing it since kindergarten. I don’t mean to do it. But I do. Usually, on the train when no one is next to me. Sometimes, I catch myself and close it up. Most times I only realize it when I need to square up so that someone else can sit down next to me. Why is that? I’m as queer as Christmas. I don’t require much airflow. So just why am I so wide open? I think it’s because I subconsciously (…and consciously) want to be ominous. It’s my defense mechanism. If I spread my manhood, the truth of my insecurity will be less obvious. I think this is why I am onto Trump’s manspread. It’s a defense mechanism, hiding the truth of his insecurity. He’s not a dumb man. He’s just a man. A white man. An insecure man. A man who is subconsciously (…and consciously) ominous. What he lacks in substance, he makes up for in musky posture. For this same reason, he gets a pass that Hillary will never get. Womanspread is not yet a thing. She has been groomed to sit properly. Legs closed. Within Her lane. When Her true thoughts are exposed, she will always be disdained. She has learned to lead by keeping them enclosed. This is why the leaked Powell attack on Hillary is essentially a sexy manspread that exposes his moxie but besmirches Her modesty. Should Her true thoughts and needs be revealed, she would surely be shamed…as she has been.