Manspreading since 1979

Yes, I do it. I’ve been doing it since kindergarten. I don’t mean to do it. But I do. Usually, on the train when no one is next to me. Sometimes, I catch myself and close it up. Most times I only realize it when I need to square up so that someone else can sit down next to me. Why is that? I’m as queer as Christmas. I don’t require much airflow. So just why am I so wide open? I think it’s because I subconsciously (…and consciously) want to be ominous. It’s my defense mechanism. If I spread my manhood, the truth of my insecurity will be less obvious. I think this is why I am onto Trump’s manspread. It’s a defense mechanism, hiding the truth of his insecurity. He’s not a dumb man. He’s just a man. A white man. An insecure man. A man who is subconsciously (…and consciously) ominous. What he lacks in substance, he makes up for in musky posture. For this same reason, he gets a pass that Hillary will never get. Womanspread is not yet a thing. She has been groomed to sit properly. Legs closed. Within Her lane. When Her true thoughts are exposed, she will always be disdained. She has learned to lead by keeping them enclosed. This is why the leaked Powell attack on Hillary is essentially a sexy manspread that exposes his moxie but besmirches Her modesty. Should Her true thoughts and needs be revealed, she would surely be shamed…as she has been.